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From their beginning, nonprofits have been the nation’s micro-level problem solvers, providing direct social services to communities in need. They work tirelessly on the front lines, grappling daily with the problems created by systemic inequalities, and their first-hand grassroots experience makes them uniquely qualified to extend their influence into the public policy arena. Governments need nonprofits' problem-solving experience and continuous engagement with local communities to develop effective, evidence-based policies. 

Advocate Impact supports 501(c)(3)s in their efforts to change and develop public policy by helping them build their organizational capacity, develop legislative advocacy plans, and create bill proposals to present to federal, state, and local lawmakers. Our team of consultants are compassionate and experienced community organizers and legislative professionals ready to walk with nonprofit advocates every step of the way as they gain confidence in their advocacy abilities and lay a strong foundation for legislative success.


We're strong believers that grassroots advocates should play a pivotal role in shaping and developing policies that improve their communities, and our mission is to help them participate in the legislative process, armed with the strategies, tools, and resources they need to create lasting social change.

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Raydia Martin is a lawyer, public policy professional, and nonprofit consultant who founded Advocate Impact with a vision to help nonprofits tap into their full potential as agents of change. She is passionate about helping nonprofits understand their power to influence public policy, and her mission is to encourage them to become involved in the legislative process and push for evidence-based policy solutions to society's most pressing social, economic, and public health issues.  


Raydia began her public policy career as a legislative research consultant for two national nonprofits, Shared Hope International and Polaris Project, where her research was the basis of successful initiatives to strengthen anti-human trafficking laws, promote criminal justice reform, and protect vulnerable children in the child welfare system.  


In her role as Lead Public Policy Research Advisor at the Drake Institute of Research and Public Policy, she managed a team of researchers who conducted impact research on issues affecting women and wrote policy memos, policy briefs and fiscal notes educating legislators and urging them support or oppose relevant policies.


Before launching Advocate Impact, she served as a legislative attorney for the Illinois Legislative Reference Bureau of the Illinois General Assembly, where she advised legislators on the legality of legislative proposals and drafted bills for introduction in the Illinois legislature. 


Raydia received her Juris Doctorate from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and her Master's of Social Work from Loyola University School of Social Work.   



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